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Published on December 20, 2016

Farm Cultural Park

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Description :

Farm Cultural Park: Enjoy contemporary Sicily.


Just when everything seemed to be falling into pieces, a small Cultural Center decided to transform the historical center of a town by dedicating it to art and culture. In this way, it gave the town a new identity in the present with the hope of a better future.


The first six years of the Farm Cultural Park has created many opportunities and has engaged artists from around the world. This cultural center is home to an art gallery as well as other exhibition spaces where temporary painting exhibits and permanent contemporary art installations are set up. In addition, many cultural events are organized inside the Farm such as: book launches, musical events, festivals, workshops with young adults and children as well as competitions amongst architects. 


Our project: New ways of living, working and Socializing

Farm Cultural Park has always been involved in many different cultural activities. Every year thousands of artists, designers, journalists and even visitors come here to share their experiences with others, by giving an opportunity to live, work and get together in a new way. This is reason why Farm can be considered “a People’s Museum”.

Farm Cultural Park was created thanks to Florinda and Andrea, a young professional couple who decided to stay in Sicily and not to move abroad. In fact, they chose to make a significant change in this town and give their daughters, Carla and Viola, as well as the whole community greater opportunities. 


Sette Cortili: A place that makes you happy

Farm is situated inside the “Sette Cortili”, or “The Seven Courtyards”, a sort of Sicilian “Kasbah”, or typical Arabic historical center. These seven courtyards are joined together by a row of smaller houses and buildings. Beautiful Arabic gardens are found inside these walls.  

In this fascinating cultural and recreational place, it is also possible to meet some residents whose houses are inside the seven courtyards. They are considered part of the family so they are called “the aunts of the Farm”: Antonia, Rosa and Maria. Vito and a few other residents live near them. All the visitors always ask them how this was created and their opinion of Farm Cultural Park. If you come and visit, you can ask them, too. They will say they’re happy and they enjoy the company very much. They even receive phone calls from their relatives that live abroad who hear great things about the Seven Courtyards.

At the Seven Courtyards, it is also possible to visit interior and exterior installations that have been created by national and international artists.


Urban Farmer: Ambassadors of Farm Cultural Park

We are working on a wide network of young people who are considered our “blue helmets of culture”- This project is known as Urban Farmer, Ambassadors of Farm Cultural Park.

Originally, this project was only regional. Later, the network expanded not only nationally but also on an international level. The purpose of the project is to involve many young people who are just waiting for an opportunity to make a change to their regions.

Farm Cultural Park has won many prestigious awards. It was a guest at the Italian Pavilion at the Venice Biennale of Architecture in 2012 and 2016 where its story has been told to the most important national and international media.


Its goal

Farm Cultural Park wants to develop a “Scenario analysis” in order to evaluate the possibility of opening more centers in other parts of the world. We intend to find local investors who are interested in creating places like the Farm Cultural Park in other cities where art and culture would be promoted. 


Skills required


Fluency in English is a requirement. Good Italian comprehension is appreciated as well. Previous experience in the non-profit sector is not required. Experience in tourism and cultural sectors are requested. 

How to apply :


Please submit your CV and cover letter to Ms Mariacristina Di Carlentini at and Mr Andrea Bartoli at 

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