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Published on December 20, 2016

SOU - the school of architecture for children

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Description :

Sou, the Architecture School for Children

With the support of the Politecnico of Milano and in partnership with the Atelier Kengo Kuma in Tokyo, an extraordinary space has been created not only for children but also for their families.

The first Italian School of Architecture for Children is specialized in after-school educational activities related to urban planning, architecture and the environment, the construction of the Community as well as art, design, urban agriculture and nutrition.

It also aims to teach children to cooperate, socialize and the DIY culture.

Sou is considered a small tribute to Japan and its most enlightened contemporary architects and visionaries.


The Mission: Make the impossible, possible

The goal of the school is not only to think but also to plan and act for a better society. It also promotes important values such as: hospitality, participation, tolerance, solidarity, generosity and social commitment.

We want our children to be accustomed to freedom of thought, creativity, the desire to realize their dreams and make the impossible possible.

The SOU consists of 250 meters squared including a design laboratory, a workshop to create prototypes, a small auditorium for presentations, an exhibition space, a small garden and a kitchen. In these spaces, the courses and educational activities are held not only for children but also for their parents.

You can attend annual courses but also individual laboratories or workshops.


Farm Cultural Park: New ways of living, working and socializing

Farm Cultural Park is part of a large national and international network of professionals in architecture, art and the world of education. In this way, l architects, artists and creative people who are hosted in Favara will become a part of this project by organizing research projects, conferences, workshops and creating new insights that will enrich the new school’s cultural demand.


Our goal

Farm Cultural Park would like to develop a “Scenario analysis” of Sou to evaluate the possibility of opening more architecture schools in other parts of the world.

We intend to find local investors in order to expand the Sou model in other places in which architecture and culture can become educational. 

Skills required

Fluency in English is a requirement. Good Italian comprehension is appreciated. Previous experience in the non-profit sector is not required. Experience in education and cultural fields are requested. 

How to apply :

Please submit your CV and cover letter to Ms Mariacristina Di Carlentini at and Mr Andrea Bartoli at 

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