Market study of urban and periurban and study of capsule

Published on July 21, 2015


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In Reciclean we propose a system for collecting coffee pods and coffee grounds for further processing on a 100% organic fertilizer “humus”.

It is close the recycling cycle so that a product is collected in the field and returned to the field in the form of humus. So we must quantify the market “urban and peri-urban gardens”. Growth in this segment is a good niche for Reciclean but we need to learn to quantify the turnover of the sector.

This market study will give us information about our end buyer, infomation that allows us to understand what the motivation of purchase to buy a humus and no other, where they buy, how much they would pay for it and if placed in areas like Valr this made with coffee, which is in constant I + D + I with Univ. Pol. of Valencia, which is picked up by groups at risk of exclusion, packaging, etc.

In parallel we need to know the actual volume of capsules circulating in our country and how many are actually recycling, escaping manipulated data of large producers. Knowing the real data on how many capsules are currently recycling allows us to extrapolate the data to know if recycling 100% of the capsules would be enough volume to the business model was profitable.

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Through Antonio Vaccaro's MBA Autumn intake or by direct e-mail to: or

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