Published on July 1, 2015


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Description :

‘Naturgeis’ is a company that was formed with the aim to optimize the use of timber resources in our forests.


We discovered that, in Spain, timber resources were inefficiently developed because very small companies and individual persons were involved in this part of the commercial timber business.


Our main aim is to focus within the forest sector to develop the renewable energy, especially the supply of wood to companies concerned with the production of pellets (wood chips) and biomass activity.


With the creation of the European Plan 2020 the eurozone decided to improve within the Comunidad Autonoma of Castilla y Leon amongst others the important sector of biomass and wood chip production in line with European politics. Therefore we founded our company ‘Naturgeis’ in this area being promoted by the EU and hope to play an important role in it.


Our main aims are to create a forestry company which has the following principles:

1.     sustaining the environment

2.     positive social impact

3.     maintaining wage restraint

4.     funding of social investment in zones where we are active thus returning part of our profits.

5.     attacking one of the social problems by employing workers from social backgrounds most affected by the current crisis.


Points of interest where we would appreciate assistance:

1.     analyse the actual market situation and the possibility of company growth regionally and nationally.

2.     knowledge of real prices of timber in the different parts of the country

3.     comparison of real costs within our sector to be able to compare with established companies and find ways to be more competitive and work more economically and efficiently without losing our aims.


Create a marketing plan to advertise our services and acquire new clients by highlighting better methods and improving our present practices. (Use traditional methods of advertisement like radio,newspaper, flyers or new technologies like social media and internet.)


Due to the fact that forestry work is dependant on seasonal weather conditions we have opened extra activities to cover seasonal fluctuations. These include group training/educational course in forestry work and machinery usage and various garden maintenance. These activities are mainly directed at local government, charitable organisations and private consumers.



How to apply :

Through Antonio Vaccaro's MBA Autumn intake or by direct e-mail to:

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