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Published on June 30, 2015


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The objective of LarvaMed is the introduction of an alternative therapy for the cure skin wounds (ulcers) that experiment difficulties for healing (ongoing physical pressure, diabetes etc…). The Maggot debridement therapy (MDT), constitutes an alternative to the different medical strategies that are applied conventionally because is less aggressive, more affordable and solves several of the challenges of these wounds with the same treatment. LarvaMed will offer to hospitals and geriatrics the possibility to apply MDT in a clean and personalized way. LarvaMed distributes the adequate number of larvae of Lucilia sericata inside a personalized bandage that will fit the shape of the wound. The way that LarvaMed applies the MDT avoids the possible rejection by the patient and the medical professional understandable by the presence of the alive larvae in the wound.

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 LarvaMed is undergoing the necessary regulatory steps to meet the requirements in Spain and Europe to be able to commercialize the registered bandage containing alive larvae of Lucilia sericata. To date, LarvaMed has been focusing in the Spanish market.

 At this step of business development, LarvaMed would benefit from an investigation on the possibilities of market openings in Europe and the rest of the world. Because the targets of the MDT are basically skin wounds known as ulcers, the market is centered in those countries with old growing population and with diabetes problems. Although these characteristics might indicate only rich and industrialized countries, we believe that countries with a poorer health social system would also benefit from the LarvaMed therapy since the MDT is cheaper and avoids the need of having to apply several medical substances at once.

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