CLOSED – Fundraising Plan: Increase the Social and Environmental Impact

Published on September 16, 2015


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Description :

SocialForest is a forest company doing sostenible forest management in Catalonia and in South Germany. The object of the iniciative is the social and professional inclusion of young people at risc of social exclusion.

With personal and tecnical training programs the young people learn how to develope their own survival estrategies getting involved in the company processes.

Taking responsibility and taking decisions each day during the realization of the forest works helps them to believe in themeselves.

The therapeutic value of the forest also is very important for the  personal transformation of them.

To create more social and environmental imapct we are looking for new services and products. 

For this reason we want to raise capital.

How to apply :

The fundraising plan will be written in cooperation with the CEO of the company SocialForest.
  • the goal (small goals to reach the big goal)
  • the mision
  • the strategy
  • the tactics (mix of fundraising tactics)
  • the timeline (planing of the yearly fundraising calendar)
If you are interested contact to Nino Vacarro of IESE or write us an email to

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