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Published on September 29, 2015

ICU - Institute for University Cooperation

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Description :

Objective of the project: provide ICU with viable fund-raising solutions additional to those currently in place. Focus the project on the viability of two possible solutions: (1) crow funding and (2) private foundations. NB: Do not exclude other possible alternative solutions that can be more viable/profitable than crow funding and private foundations.

Structure of the project:

1st phase: Gather information on ICU. Precisely (1) which is the current fund raising structure? and (2) which is the ICU’s mission? NB: there is no need to report this info in the delivery of the project (3rd phase). ICU already knows its fund raising structure and its mission. This phase is more for your knowledge and will help you to carry out the project.

2nd phase: Realization of the delivery. (1) Gather information on the possible alternative fund raising solutions; (2) carry out a deep analysis on the viability of the solutions (do the solutions fit ICU?); (3) design a business plan and an implementation plan for the realization of the proposed solutions (include a cost-analysis of the costs that the implementation plan implies).

NB1: some questions –not exhaustive- that could be answered though the 2nd phase of the project are:

  • Crow funding: is crow funding feasible for ICU? Which would be the related costs of implementing this particular fund raising solution? How much could ICU raise though this method? How should ICU put in practice a crow-funding project? How should ICU communicate to the crowd the ICU’s mission in a way that the crow’s objectives match ICU’s objective? Which are the related risks that ICU would incur into? Which crow-funding platform should ICU utilize? Provide other successful examples of crow funding currently utilized by other NGOs: can the same structure be applied to ICU? Which modifications should be put in practice in order to be this structure suitable for ICU?
  • Private foundations: considering that ICU already realizes fund raising though private foundations, how can ICU be included in further successful private foundations networks? Compare with how other NGOs get private foundations on board can be a starting point for the analysis. Which are the private foundations whose objectives are in line with those of ICU? How can these foundations be approached?

NB2: Do not exclude other fundraising solutions that can be more profitable than crow funding and private foundations.

NB3: maintain a direct communication with ICU throughout the project in order to receive intermediate feedback from ICU and align the project to ICU’s needs.

3rd phase: Deliver the project’s results to ICU.

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