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Published on February 11, 2016


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Description :


Position: Crowd fundraiser


Candidates: 1


Organization: ICU NGO


Duty station: Rome, Italy


Duration: 2 months






ICU at a glance


The Institute for the University Co-operation (ICU) is an Italian NGO working in development co-operation; since 1966, we have realized 482 projects in 44 countries around the globe, with a cumulative budget of over 180 M Euros.


ICU’s fundamental driver is the attention to human dignity: each person is considered as an individual capable of learning and shaping his/her future. Our Mission is to promote self-development in order to assure beneficiaries’ positive impact on their communities. In other words, we help people doing better what they already do. We promote capacity building by focusing on technology, expertise and capabilities transfer. ICU’s main sectors of intervention are education and professional training, hygiene and sanitation, agriculture and rural development, renewable energy, fishery, social entrepreneurship, fair trade market, social development, emergency and relief; we are currently running projects in the Middle East, Africa, Central and South America. Our global sponsors include the European Union, the U.S. Agency for International Development, the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, UNIDO, the Opec Fund for International Development plus several institutions, governments, foundations and private citizens.




Why ICU?


We will give you the opportunity


          to make the difference


          to work for people, with people


          to give social impact


          to do something different from what you usually do


          to go from planning to execution




Background and purpose of the position


ICU wants to develop a comprehensive long-term strategy with a diversified fund-raising program that cannot be based only on institutional funds or private foundation/organization donations. ICU is willing to explore the crowd funding opportunity, that can be an interesting alternative from traditional giving. Few months ago, 3 IESE MBA candidates helped ICU in developing a crowd funding strategy with a remote assessment; the goal of the internship is to get to know ICU (mission, scope, impact, operations, people…), to review and improve the crowd funding strategy (communication, institutional partnership, target, partner selection, setting of expectations…), to put the operative strategy into place.


The candidate will not only act as a consultant, but he/she will be directly involved in the implementation and responsible for going from planning to a successful execution.


The candidate will spend most of the time in ICU Headquarters in Rome.




Qualifications, skills & competencies required


Successful candidates will be proactive, ready to work in an autonomous and independent way, willing to take the ownership of the crowd funding strategy. Previous experience in the non-profit sector is not required. Fluency in English or in Italian is a requirement.






ICU will cover for one return ticket Spain/Italy, travel and medical insurance; ICU will also refund expenses for lodging and meals up to 1,000.00 Euro per month per person.


Each candidate is responsible for obtaining Italian VISA if required; ICU will make its best to facilitate this task.


How to apply :


Please submit your résumé (CV) and cover letter to Mr. Daniele Bonetti at with subject line “IESE001 internship” by May 30th, 2016.


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