Creating a Social Franchise

Published on June 12, 2015

Social Franchise for a Social, Cultural and Environmental Project

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Carbó d’Ardenya i Gavarres is a social, cultural and environmental project, with the aim to reduce the forests fire risc and to employ people with special needs, recovering the heritage of the ancient forest works.

Carbó d’Ardenya i Gavarres is also a high quality charcoal for barbeques and restaurants, produced within fire prevention tasks, in a proximity area and distributed by local retail. Nowadays it is solt in more than 120 points, mostly in the Catalan province of Girona. And it gives employment to 16 people.

The objective of IDÀRIA, as the non-profit cooperative which promotes the project, is to implement the project to other areas with similar needs. IDÀRIA will provide the know-how, the technology and the productive model to local social enterprises in the new areas. To create this model of Social Franchise, it’s the purpose of the voluntary work.

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