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Published on May 2, 2015

NPO Hasekura Program

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NPO Hasekura Program is a not for profit organization established in 2013 with the objective of promoting and connecting socially innovative projects emerged in post-tsunami Japan with Europe.

Japan as well as various European countries are at a turning point in their economical developmental stage. They are all facing new challenges (deflation, decrease in fertility rates, aging population, etc) which require new solutions that most governments have proven unable to provide.

However, post 2011 tsunami Japan has seen an emergence of socially innovative projects that offer new and valid answers to those challenges and, therefore, can become a model for other countries, too.


Through a variety of services (non-commercial missions, online study sessions, close-door working groups, market research, business matching, new products development, advisory, website translations etc) we wish to create an international platform for the exchange of ideas, the implementation of new projects and the creation of new products between like-minded social entrepreneurs, SMEs and local authorities of regional Japan and regional Europe (mainly Spain and Italy at present).

The key words of our project are: 

tradition-based innovation; social, environmental and economical sustainability; interlocalization.

We focus aound the following 4 sectors: 

responsible tourism, gastronomy, smart communities, art crafts & design


Hasekura has organized, so far, 5 inbound missions with more than 30 participants, has received financial support from prestigious institutions and counts on the collaboration of about 40 entities in Europe and Japan. New projects have also emerged among all participants.

Yet, given its limited financial resources, Hasekura hasn’t been able to fully develop its potential. For this reason:


We are looking for experienced managers who can advise us on financial matters and business-oriented decisions, in order to gradually change our attitude from that of an external funding dependent NGO to that of an economically self sustainable socially committed enterprise.

Ideally the volunteers would have a special sensibility towards cultural diversity and social innovation, as well as some knowledge of the Japanese business world.

Previous experience in managing an intercultural organisation and/or a social enterprise would be a plus.

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