I am a Volunteer

You can enroll and give your availability to serve as a volunteer for a social enterprise. This means that after your enrollment you can contact social enterprises that are members of the platform.

Similarly, other members of the platform (volunteers and social enterprises) can contact you to request your support. It is very important to specify:

  1. Which kind of organizations you interested in collaborating with (e.g. “work integration social enterprises” or “initiatives in support of children in need”
  2. Your geographical availability (e.g. “I am interested in working as volunteer in Madrid area”, “I can work only from home”)
  3. Your availability in term of hours of voluntary service per week (we expect up to 10 hours/week)
  4. Your CV (LinkedIn style)
  5. Your contact e-mail

Only IESE users can register directly on the platform. If you don’t have an IESE email account, you can request an authorization from the administrator.

Please email the administrator when you have reached an agreement to work with a social enterprise or other platform member.

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