I am a Social Enterprise

You can enroll and create an announcement for a volunteer working position. It’s important to clearly provide:

  1. A description concerning your current activities, objectives, achievements, etc.
  2. A detailed description of the expected candidate qualifications (e.g. expert in information technology)
  3. The number of hours you expect the volunteer will work on the project (up to a maximum of 10 hours per week)
  4. The duration of the project
  5. If the work requires physical presence or it can be done remotely
  6. A contact e-mail

The enrolment process begins when you will sign up. Your request will be evaluated and approved or we contact you in order to ask you for more details. If approved, you will receive an email providing a full access to upload and publish the offer.

Because only IESE users can register directly on the platform, you will need to request an authorization from the administrator.

In the event that your organization selects a volunteer for the position posted, we kindly request that you inform the platform administrator in order to delete the corresponding job posting.

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